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The Rescue Team,
Ogun West District,
Ogun State Nigeria,
3rd March, 2021.

Press Release


There’s a popular quote that says “A society that doesn’t correctly interpret and appreciate it’s past can’t understand it’s present fortunes and adversities and can be caught unaware in a fast changing world”

Going by the above, the Ogun West Rescue Team whose it’s main goals and objectives are to work towards creating and fostering Unity amongst the people of Ogun West irrespective of their political interests, whose membership cuts across the progressive minded youths across the region deem it fit to shower a bundles of encomiums and eulogies on our indispensable political leaders who have demonstrated high level of commitment towards the people they represent.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the pedigree and performances of our leaders whose contributions recently have been adjudged to be excellent and exceptional to the people of Ogun West have been manifestly represent exhaustive embodiment of all inclusive leadership styles.

First and foremost, we must recognise the contributions of our astute Political Figure, the man of many achievements to his credit, Hon. Abiodun Isiaq Akinlade: the Hon. commissioner of Federal Character Commission whose his gesture and kind has effected and positively transformed the lives of many Youths.

Another giant stride in his monumental and landmark contributions to the Youth constituency is his recent permanent employment opportunity to the seventeen (17) people who are mainly the youths from all the five local governments in Ogun West.

This is not the first of it’s kind as many of these opportunities has been made available to hundreds of the youth in the past while many are also looking forward to benefit more.

Sir, you’re indeed a true Son of the soil and a leader with a sincere mind to his people who is comfortable in teaching the people how to catch fish rather than giving them fish.

The following are the beneficiaries of the recent federal job opportunities facilitated by the able Man, Hon Isiaq Akinlade.

Yakub Mariam Aina.
Adeoye Oyinlola.
Amosu Olawale Joseph.
Kehinde Damilola Olorunjubelo.
Sodiq Saheed.
Raheem Akanni Olabisi.
Adenle Abiodun.
Adebakin Moshood Adewole.
Akinlade Stella Lola.
Ige Toyin Adeola.
Bankole Idowu Samuel.
Lawal Shola.
Aloko Shukurat.
Akinlade Aramide Akin.
Kayode Imole Segun.
Aina Bukola Ogunseye.
Oyewusi Mesele Remilekun.

Sir, your support and services to the development of our region is ascertained and appreciated, may you continue to be honoured sir.

We would also like to acknowledge Barrister Mrs Shokefun, the Chairperson of Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporations (NDIC) for her worthy efforts in paving way for development within our political domain.

The team thus expresses her profound gratitude to an indefatigable Mother on the Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Scheme at Olorunda Round about which links to Ayetoro, Imeko – Afon and some other neighboring towns in Yewa.
This scheme upon completion will boost the economic activities within the said areas as well advancing the level of infrastructure facilities.

Our Mama is a great achiever and goal getter.
A strong pillar to reckon with and an industrious politician per excellence.

Your immense supports in the area of both human and capital developments within our region can not be under estimated. You deserve our accolades in million times.

It behove us as a team to commend you for this laudable legacy which it’s significance would be transferred to the incoming generations.

All these are parts of your landmark achievements within the short period of your administration and we are hopeful and positive that more of these are going to be delivered in times to come.

More importantly, it must be emphasised here that sustaining the legacy of our region thus far has been a collective struggle and we thus congratulate all the indigene of Ogun West and particularly our remarkable leaders on their resilience and determination to ensure that our region becomes and retains a shinning example of democracy in Ogun state.

You have both recorded notable achievements in the course of implementing our priority objectives at your various helm of affairs and along the line establishing a solid foundation for future success.

We call on other political actors within the region mostly the elected representatives to be more proactive and decisive in their actions while embarking on pro people’s projects.

The Ogun West Rescue Team as a matter of necessity hereby declares her total support and unreserved cooperation to every responsible and responsive leaders irrespective of their political interests and aspirations.

Thank you Sir and Ma for being a wonderful leaders for societal developments.
Forever, you’re appreciated and honoured.

Thank you and God bless.

Comrade Asiwaju Abdulgafar Ajibowu.
The Covener Ogun West Rescue Team

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