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COVID-19: Countries With More Than 80% Recovery.

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PS: The report is done on countries having at least 1000 cases and the data used in the report is based on worldometer statistics as at 12pm 28th March, 2020.
While the world has remain a firm believer in human race and our ability to overcome the pandemic,it seems like there is a ray of light shining for us. Some countries have recorded immense recovery of cases of Covid-19 in the last month. Here is a report to keep your faith alive.
TC- Total Cases
R- Recovery
China (94%) – 82,836(TC) 77,555(R)
Thailand (90%) – 2,938(TC) 2,652(R)
Iceland (90%) – 1,792(TC) 1,624(R)
Australia (84%) – 6,731(TC) 5,626(R)
Luxembourg (84%) -3,729(TC) 3,123(R)
New Zealand (82%) -1,472(TC) 1,214(R)
S Korea(82%) – 10,752(TC) 8,854(R)
Austria (81%) – 15,274(TC) 12,362(R)Also, It is to be noted that about 10 countries presently have their recovery between 70% and 79% including Germany, Iran and Switzerlan

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