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Online Stories : (18+) Broken Heart Episode 2

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There was an orientation that was organized for the new students in our department. I.e ND 1 students. And the girl happened to be ND1 and I was In ND2. Before the program started, I came out of the hall standing at the corridor with my friend Victor. So I saw this girl again at Math and statistics hall with her friend .so I told my friend about her and they pushed me to go and meet her.

My friend went to the class before me and sat close to the girls. After my friend started a conversation with them, I went in and met the girl and the following conversation took place :Me:Hello,good morning She:Hi,am fine (she looks shy) Me:Can your friend excuse us please? She:Why?Me: (I smiled )and said I want to have some conversations with you. She:Say it here, she is my friend, she ain’t leaving. Me:ok, am sani by name.

And what’s your name? She:( sigh) I am ***** she told me her name but I don’t want to mention it here. Her name will be the title of my next story. Me:Oh! No wonder you are putting on a necklace with your name. So what course do u study? She:Computer science ND 1.Me:(Surprised)am in ND this same Department too. (C. Science) She:(She nods her head) that’s good. Me:Can we be friends? She:But we are not enemies. Me:i know, But am officially asking you now. She:Okay,no problem. Me: Thanks, can I have your number? She: No. Me: But you just said we are friends. Okay, no problem at least we can say hello to each other when next we see. She:(She nods in affirmation) Me:Thanks. (I walked out of the class) My friend Victor came outside too and was hailing me.

That when we were talking,he took the girls book and checked her name and was ***********(I still insist of not mentioning her name) .That I should search for her name on facebook maybe I might get her number from there. We later left the department and went to our lodge to look for something to eat. A week later, Something unexpectedly happened.

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