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Online Stories : (18+) Broken Heart Episode 1

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A let me start by introducing myself, I am Sani Ibrahim, a National diploma graduate from Federal polytechnic idah,kogi state. I studied computer science and am an igala by tribe. The story started when I came back from my students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) which is a requirement for the partial fulfilment for the award of National diploma.

On a hot afternoon, I was sitting at the front of my SIWES supervisor’s office waiting for him to sign my log book. Just then, I saw this beautiful lady going to the class to attend lectures. I was carried away by her innocence and beauty. Her smile was so charming. Ever since I set my eyes on her, she became my dream girl. After meeting up with my supervisor, I left the department and went home to have some rest. Ever since I saw that girl, she was in my mind and I promised my self to make a move in getting her. Because, there is a saying that says “You Fight for what you want” The next day, I had d best opportunity but I didn’t grab it. Something really made me not to do what am supposed to do.

THE NEXT DAY I woke up the next day, brushed my teeth and did ablution and prayed. After then, I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I wore my shirt and a pencil Jean with a Prada high shoe and left for lectures. Immediately I came to the department,i saw this girl again, she was looking more beautiful than the previous day. She wore a white T-shirt and a Jean jacket on it and packed her hair in a ponytail style. I pointed at her stylishly to my friends that she was the girl I was telling them about. And they all gave me a go ahead that she is okay. They were like “omo u really be sabiboy o, see d kind fish wey your hook one attract” trust we guys with hailing na.i wanted following her but I found out that she was going for her practicals. So I left her alone and hoped to take a move when next I see her. And truly, I met her again and it was something I never imagined that happened the next day.

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