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Lx9jahit Xclussive Interview with Shukii Machana Singer and a Songwriter

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[3/20, 8:48 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: This is the segment of xclussive interview on LX9jahit.

My name is Fidelee, your baddest, intercontinental host,publicist, media personality, music enthusiast and critic.
I will be your interviewer this evening.
Welcome LX9jahit once again.

Could you please formally introduce yourself?

[3/20, 9:03 PM] Shukii Machana: Oh nice, my name is Shukii Machana I’m a singer and a song writer

[3/20, 9:03 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/20, 9:05 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t into music?

[3/20, 9:06 PM] Shukii Machana: Footballer
[3/20, 9:06 PM] Shukii Machana: Cause that was my choice..

[3/20, 9:07 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Wow
[3/20, 9:07 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: So what changed?

[3/20, 9:10 PM] Shukii Machana: When I finish my sec sch I discover that I have the talent of singing so a friend of my told me that Shukii music dey ur body

[3/20, 9:11 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/20, 9:13 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: In your previous interviews, what’s the craziest or funniest question you’ve been asked?

[3/20, 9:14 PM] Shukii Machana: Someone asked me if I can date Dj cuppy as young as I am

[3/20, 9:15 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Lol
[3/20, 9:15 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What was your answer?

[3/20, 9:17 PM] Shukii Machana: I was like yes I can date her but I can’t marry her…lol

[3/20, 9:17 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Why can’t you?

[3/20, 9:18 PM] Shukii Machana: Can’t marry someone who is older than me but I can date her

[3/20, 9:19 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: I see
[3/20, 9:20 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Of the songs you’ve dropped so far, which do you think is best?

[3/20, 9:22 PM] Shukii Machana: “Gettho” Shukiimachana ft Phido

[3/20, 9:22 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What year did it drop?

[3/20, 9:22 PM] Shukii Machana: 2019..

[3/20, 9:23 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/20, 9:23 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Who’s the next artist you want to work with?

[3/20, 9:25 PM] Shukii Machana: Kizz Daniel

[3/20, 9:27 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Why Kizz Daniel?

[3/20, 9:28 PM] Shukii Machana: Cause he is the one I’m looking up to

[3/20, 9:28 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/20, 9:28 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What would you want to be remembered for by your fans?

[3/20, 9:30 PM] Shukii Machana: Did something someone has never done before

[3/20, 9:32 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: If you could be a drink, which would you be?
And why?

[3/20, 9:34 PM] Shukii Machana: Orijin bitters
[3/20, 9:36 PM] Shukii Machana: Just love it..

[3/20, 9:38 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: On a scale of 1 to 100, rate your latest song compared to the previous ones

[3/20, 9:45 PM] Shukii Machana: Hmmm 50

[3/20, 9:45 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/20, 9:46 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Which other celebrity/artist could you date?
And why?

[3/20, 9:48 PM] Shukii Machana: Niniola
[3/20, 9:48 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Hmm…good taste
[3/20, 9:48 PM] Shukii Machana: Cause she is good looking and she has a nice shape

[3/20, 9:49 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Alright
[3/20, 9:50 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Do you think you could do better as an artist?
If yes, what’s your plan on achieving this?

[3/20, 9:54 PM] Shukii Machana: Yes, by working hard everyday and try to do new things

[3/20, 9:56 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: How do you feel when you get positive reactions from people about your songs?

[3/20, 9:57 PM] Shukii Machana: Feel motivated

[3/20, 9:58 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Which do you consider yourself to be more, a singer or a songwriter?

[3/20, 9:59 PM] Shukii Machana: Singer..

[3/20, 10:00 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Tell us about your first attempt at writing a song. What was it like?

[3/20, 10:04 PM] Shukii Machana: Kinda funny to me but it was cool

[3/20, 10:06 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Could you give a sincere message to your fans?

[3/20, 10:07 PM] Shukii Machana: You guys should watch out for shukiimachana. Stay blessed and stay guided always, God bless everybody that has been supporting my brand from Day one
[3/20, 10:07 PM] Shukii Machana: God bless

[3/20, 10:09 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Great
[3/23, 11:13 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: We have come to the end of the interview. It was a great pleasure having you. We look forward to seeing more of you. We also wish you unlimited success in every of your future endeavors.

I remain your humble host, Fidelis Ifeanyi Okere (Fidelee) for LX9jahit.com.ng.

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