Black Hilux With Drums of Filled Diesel Catch Fire Along Igando-Lasu Road. –
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Black Hilux With Drums of Filled Diesel Catch Fire Along Igando-Lasu Road.


Live fire incident at igando

Live reporting from , Around 1.30 Pm to 2pm , Passersby who pass through igando road can testify to a Fire incident that occur from a black hilux with Drums of Diesel up to Four in number this afternoon , just a little distance from igando bustop along Olorunfemi street area , As the driver was about to park by the roadside , a woman who sight along the vehicle as smokefame is gushing out via middle head of the black hilux Shouted “Fire Fire” , The Driver and Other Boy in the Hilux ran out for their life first and at second though we give it a trial to save the car by pouring out Sand on the vehicle.

But at first , We thought the sand could stop the fire but to no avail , fire spot through different part and some areas in the vehicle , Noise came from the Environment whereby a Near Carwash boys and people around try to help the situation down.

After so much struggle , Splashing of Soap Water and Exhausting of the small fire extinguisher , The fire slow Down and all to the struggle we thought it has finally quench down but no , and finally 3 of the diesel was also dragged down and some Bucket of water Was splashed on it times without number.

But it after the quenching of the fire was sucessful , everyone was now thinking what might have caused the incident , and of true finding the diesel leak to some part of the hilux in which is not meant to touch. The black Hilux could not burn as much , But it has been fire dent somehow , Everyone part of the incident both the driver and the other Guy was just giving thanks to God.

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